Why You Should Still Stay at Home

Yes, you should still stay at home as much as possible!

The new normal is going to take some time to get used to. It has been tough for most of us but we still should remain at home for now. Given that the COVID-19 virus still exists without a vaccine, it continues to be our responsibility to flatten the curve. As much as we all want to go out and hang out with friends or visit our families, safety should still be the number one priority on everyone’s list. 

Even though Metro Manila is now under General Community Quarantine and places are slowly re-opening, there are still several new cases arising. It is important for us to stay cautious now that people are moving around a lot more.

For those with the option to work remotely, maximize it. Working from home lessens contact with other people thus, also helping lessen the spread of the virus. Having trouble focusing on your work at home? Try to have a space dedicated to work, with a setup similar to or better than your office, to still keep it separate from your personal space. Struggling to stay on top of your team? There are various ways you and your team can stay as efficient and connected while working from home. Check out our video with KultureKo to learn how to engage your team remotely here!

Some are already required to go to the office under a flexible work schedule. If your business has an open office, only go there when you need to! Same goes for your coworkers or employees. Always remember to practice social distancing within the workspace by keeping 2 meters away from one another. This doesn’t just apply for your workplace, but also during your commute to and from the office. 

Craving for food from your favorite restaurant? Most restaurants have already reopened with the options for take-out and delivery! Either of these would be safer for both the customers and the servers instead of dining in. It’s also a great way to support the industry bounce back from this crisis. 

Staying home does not only keep you safe, but also the people around you, whether it be your family, friends, or coworkers. If you are really itching to see one another, a video call should work for now. 

“But what should I do if I really need to go out?” Bring a list of things that you need to do if you have to step out of your home. Try to cover all your necessities and personal errands such as groceries and bill payments in one trip so that you don’t have to go out again for, at least, the next few days. Always keep a stock of supplies like vitamins, medicines, and food in case of any emergency, but keep in mind to not hoard any of it as there are others who may need it as well.

For now, find ways to make your stay at home more fun and productive! You can try to explore new activities or revisit old hobbies. You may also join our webinars for insightful sessions during your free time. Get instant updates by subscribing to our newsletter here!

Still stay cautious and with a little bit more sacrifice, we all will bounce back together and see each other real soon!

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