Taking Extra Care Of Your Pets During Quarantine

You’re so blessed if you have an animal companion during quarantine — you have a friend to keep you company if you feel a little bit lonely at home. Now that you have more time, why not use it to bond with your old pal?

Feed your pet a balanced and nutritious diet

Have you been feeding your pal the same food for a year? Maybe it’s time to switch it up? 

There are a lot of suppliers that deliver high quality animal food around Metro Manila like Pet Warehouse or Bow and Wow. They also sell vitamins and supplements to boost your pet’s immune system!  We’re sure your pet will thank you for it! 

Exercise your pets with playtime

Even if you can’t go out for a walk, there are a lot of ways to keep your companion active and healthy indoors. Yes, it would take time for them to get the hang of it and your pet might even attempt to find a way out, but giving them the right amount of attention will help relieve your pet’s boredom!

Here’s a fun trick that you could teach your cat at home!

Or maybe teach your dog how to fetch you something from the fridge!

Don’t forget to groom them!

Photo Credits: petsuites.com

Keeping them indoors does not mean you shouldn’t groom them regularly! Here are some of the things that you can do to keep them clean:

  1. Brush or comb your pet’s coat regularly. It reduces shedding by removing excess fur and debris. 
  2. Trim their nails! You don’t want them to accidentally hurt themselves or scratch  your furniture when boredom strikes. 
  3. Brush their teeth! Oral hygiene is also important to keep them healthy and avoid illnesses such as gingivitis

Make sure to also reward them after their grooming sesh!

Do you have any pet tips? Send your suggestions to connect@acceler8.ph and maybe we’ll include them here in the future!

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