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Let’s all share our appreciation for modern technology!

Technology has given us access to many resources and opportunities to survive, learn, and grow even long before the pandemic. But once the pandemic struck, people and businesses had to look for ways to adapt and continue operating under the extreme limitations of remaining at home every day for 24 hours a day which shined an even brighter light on technology. As difficult as operating under a number of rules and limitations may sound, modern-day technology has given us the capability to do so.

The pandemic has led to the digitalization of several services and we should take advantage of the things that we have access to. To help you out, we wanted to share some useful gadgets, devices, and apps that our team has discovered amidst the community quarantine to manage through this pandemic! 

Shop for necessities with PICK-A-ROO 

All the limitations of quarantine have made shopping for necessities difficult to do. In the malls and supermarkets, there’s a lot of uncontrolled foot traffic and unwarranted contact, which proves that it’s much safer to stay home and order your necessities online. PICKAROO is an on-demand delivery app that provides people with access to groceries, household appliances, and more. It’s a safe and stress-free way to purchase goods that are delivered right to your door! 

Improve your communication skills with Duolingo 

Are you running out of things to do with your free time at home? Make the most of it by learning a new language with Duolingo! Duolingo is a free app that makes learning fun and addictive. With the globalization of the world’s economy, this can be used to boost your business or just to add to your communication skills

Stay active and healthy with Down Dog 

Down Dog is an app that promotes a healthy mind and body, which is something we could all use right now. The pandemic has emphasized the saying ‘health is wealth’ and our health should be one of our biggest investments. Now that people have been stuck at home for over a year, it’s taken a toll on our minds and bodies as we miss the daily movement and human interaction. Find a workout or meditation routine from Down Dog to take care of your health.

Hang out with your family and friends on Discord 

Don’t you miss hanging out with your friends and family? Discord, an app originally developed for gamers, has several features that allow you to conveniently stay connected with your loved ones! This is a free group-chatting app that offers voice and video chat, as well as live stream games and other programs. Just like a real group discussion with different topics, discord is divided into servers with its own rules and channels making it easy to filter discussions.

Go cashless with GCash

GCash is a digital wallet that allows people to pay without the exchange of physical money. GCash accounts could be linked to a bank account making it quick and easy to transfer money. Not only could this be used for online transactions, but some establishments have also already adopted the use of GCash to promote cashless transactions amidst the pandemic.

Add a Facial Steamer to your self-care routine

As the pandemic continues, it is of the utmost importance for us to continue taking care of ourselves. This includes adding to our self-care routines, especially when going out is necessary. A facial steamer can help clear your nasal passages and sinuses while also offering benefits to your skin. You could use this when you get home as added precautionary measures for COVID-19. 

Monitor your health with a Pulse Oximeter

What’s a pulse oximeter? It’s a clip-like device that you attach to your finger and is used to check your oxygen levels. Though not all cases of COVID-19 result in low oxygen levels, this is still a useful device to monitor your health, especially if you’ve been infected by the virus. Being aware of your oxygen levels could help determine if you need to get checked as soon as possible and find a remedy sooner rather than later.

Work on your cooking skills with Xiaomi’s induction cooker 

Learn how to make yourself a delicious meal at home with Xiaomi’s induction cooker! This would cut costs for your household without the need for gas and the money can be reallocated for other necessities instead. They also have a dedicated app where you can conveniently switch between modes, set the timer, and use other basic functions with the use of your phone.

These 8 tech finds could help you survive the current situation in the Philippines. Furthermore, there are so many more useful tech finds that benefit different people and different lifestyles. Given all the restrictions in the new normal, we should learn to take advantage of and make the most out of the resources we have.

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