Watch out! Acceler8 Will Serve Your Favorite Adobo This August

If you’ve been joining our community events lately, you probably noticed that we’ve been treating our members with mouth-watering snacks and massages. And we won’t stop because that’s how much we love delicious things. 

Here’s a little recap of our community events last July:

Taco Tuesday

Imagine the flavors of Jalapeños, Frijoles, freshly-made salsa, cheese, and savory beef melting in your mouth! Acceler8’s homemade tacos had definitely hit the spot! Thank goodness, our Marketing Manager knows how to make the best Tacos!

Lasagna Day

Our inner Garfield jumped out the moment we saw the trays of Lasagna being served! Who doesn’t love a warm piece of lasagna on a rainy day?

Poblacion Night Out

Since Poblacion is just around the neighborhood, it’s easier for us to convince our members to hangout… most especially if there are free drinks, good music, and awesome people!

Community Ride at Electric Studio

It’s our responsibility to burn all those extra calories after devouring all those delicious food and drinks! We’d like to say thanks to Electric Studio for pushing us to be #ElectricStrong.

Massage Day

We bid farewell to July with a relaxing massage to start anew for August. Just in time to welcome Leo season, the best season to become fearless and unapologetic about our dreams and aspirations. Okay, don’t know how we managed to mention that, TBH. ??? Guess the ? jumped out. 

Anyhow, you better mark your calendars if you wanna join our events this August! Check out our calendar below:

If you have questions on how to become an Acceler8 member and have access to these events, PLEASEEEE feel free to reach out via our Facebook, Instagram or email us at 

We can’t wait to hang out with you!

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