Why A Meeting Room As Your Personal Recording Studio Makes Sense

The digital age has changed the landscape of how society uses technology.

The pandemic has sped up the digitalization of society. More and more people are getting on the internet and learning about the things they have access to. Other than the usual online meetings, people nowadays are using the internet to stay relevant to the public. These companies stay connected to their audience through social media, online events, seminars, and even podcasts.

These digital events have changed the way organizations interact with their audiences moving forward. According to The Podcast Host, in 2021, the record for hours spent listening to podcasts was set at 15 billion hours. Podcast listenership has also been growing steadily and shows no signs of slowing down. These results could be reflecting the effect of the pandemic in 2020.

When filming or recording your own online webinar or podcast, it’s important to be in the proper space that is conducive to recording. Here are reasons why a meeting room is a good alternative to a studio.

A private and quiet space

A meeting room gives you all the privacy you need. Your own space without any unwanted background noise. A quiet space is crucial when recording a podcast or a webinar to ensure the best audio quality. Being recorded and played on another device, it’s important to be able to get your message across clearly to keep the listeners engaged. Other sounds such as construction or static are very unpleasant to the ears even if the sound is noticeably softer, which would eventually lead to a shorter watch time.

Minimal distractions

Recording at home has its own distractions. Whether it be people passing by in the background or sounds from your family talking in another room, this directly impacts the quality of a recording. The focus of the speakers should only be on the task at hand, which is the recording, anything else should be set aside until after. Without distractions, the speakers can focus on delivering their message in the best way possible.

Professional Setting

A proper webinar background doesn’t require a special room or an entire remodeling. All it takes is a proper setup – a clean background, proper lighting, and a stable internet connection. These three things set the mood and the experience for the audience, and also helps with minimizing distractions as well. A professional setting helps get the message across clearly for the audience to fully understand the discussion.

Cost effective

If you’re one who regularly shoots episodes for webinars and podcasts, renting out a room is a cost effective way to continue rolling out episodes without having to invest in your own studio. A meeting room gives you your own private space for as long as you need at an affordable price!

The growing number of viewers and users for podcasts and online events is proof that we are moving towards a digital society. With this, the use of meeting rooms will still be crucial for the digital age. Meeting rooms can be used for several different purposes, other than your regular face-to-face meetings. Meeting rooms present a reasonable alternative to those that are looking for a space to record their own podcasts and online events.

If you’re in search of a space where you can record your digital events, we have meeting rooms for groups of all sizes! Send us an email at connect@acceler8.ph and we’d be more than happy to learn more about your workspace requirements.

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