Why Coworking Provides A New Normal Workspace Solution

How can coworking spaces provide a workspace solution in the new normal?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been many questions surrounding office spaces as going around is discouraged to flatten the curve of COVID-19. Now that we’ve slowly adjusted to life in the new normal, we could now get away from the distractions at home and find a place where we could get things done.

While some have already returned to the office, there are still several employees working remotely. Working from the comfort of your own home does have its benefits and may be preferable to some, but not everyone has the ideal working environment at home to stay motivated and create your best work. Because of this, people tend to find a place elsewhere to finish their tasks.

This is how a coworking space could help you get your work done.

Coffee shops are a popular choice for those looking for a workspace where they could spend the day, but this also puts them at risk for contact with the numerous customers that come in and out of the establishment throughout the day. Coworking spaces provide a much safer and productive environment for people while also being able to provide everything that you need within the space so that there would be no need to go elsewhere.

We reached out to our community to ask how they benefit from working in a coworking space despite the pandemic. Here’s what our members had to say:

“Working from home for a long time can be mentally draining and somewhat lonely. There’s also a lot of distractions and sometimes there’s no separation between work and rest. A coworking space can give you that needed change of environment from time to time and break from a monotonous routine. Acceler8 is a really good place to work because they have good guidelines in place and it is sanitized well. You will feel relatively safe because of this.”

– Gia, Freelancer

“Aside from missing the feeling of ‘what it used to be’ like dressing up in the morning and being en route to work, having a ‘go-to’ space to work outside of home gives you a bit of that ‘normal’ sense. Not to mention a good, conducive workstation, unlimited coffee, and a stable wifi connection. It’s also not so scary because everyone’s required to wear masks all the time, and of course – social distancing is well-practiced! I like to think of it as the reverse of work from home now – work outside – just to take a break from the mundane.”

– Jojo, Freelancer

“For someone who’s been working remotely for years now, this pandemic made me realize that working from home can be convenient but up to some extent only. It’s a challenge to set healthy boundaries between work and personal life when you’re boxed inside the four corners of your room. So it’s nice to have a change of environment once in a while. And I find myself more productive that way. I chose coworking in Acceler8 at least once a week because it’s the most practical and safest option. Not to mention, a good way to break the monotony of working from home! I appreciate how they take safety protocols seriously while still offering the work essentials — reliable internet, unlimited coffee for that extra day booster, pantry, and of course, your own productivity nook.”

– Bianca, Freelancer

“Coworking spaces offer a refreshing break from the otherwise monotonous work from home setup most of us have been doing since the start of this pandemic. This is why I love spending a day or two every week at a coworking space that ensures they diligently follow health and safety protocols. I would recommend you to try it too if you feel comfortable enough – just make sure you come in prepared with your mask and face shield too!”

– Soleil, Freelancer

“After trying out coworking with Acceler8 for the first time during the pandemic, I was very impressed! Security of the building premises itself is strict and safety protocols are well adhered to, which assures the safest experience keeping my mind focused on my work rather than fearing the virus. Being in a clean, spacious, and visually appealing workspace is perfect for finishing office or school tasks. Everything I need for the day is found in the coworking space – personal workspace, comfortable seating, fast internet, water, coffee, a clean bathroom, and a great view. You wouldn’t need to go elsewhere and all for a reasonable price!”

– Paulo, Metrobank

“Being in a coworking space makes me more productive working outside our home. Since the pandemic happened, I was forced to work from home and have lost the feeling of connecting with people. Coworking in Acceler8 has somewhat helped me become more productive and I get to spend time and catch up with others in person in a safe space.”

– Wayne, Sales Manager

The new normal has been a challenge to adjust to for most and a coworking space could help you adapt to new workspace requirements! Despite the extremely unordinary circumstances, we can still find ways to keep ourselves inspired and motivated to build our businesses. These statements show that a coworking space could be just what you need to escape from the new normal.

If you are looking for a place where you could get your work done, Acceler8 could be the perfect place for you! Send us an email at connect@acceler8.ph and we’d be more than happy to help you with your workspace requirements!

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