Why Rockwell should be your next business address?

Rockwell is one of Makati’s most well-known districts.

In the heart of Rockwell Center, you will find Acceler8 by UnionSPACE in PHINMA Center. In Acceler8, we’ve made a prestigious business address accessible to everyone while also providing the proper workspaces when needed, such as meeting rooms or a seat in our coworking area. A virtual office plan entitles your business to the use of our address for official documents, websites, and more!

But what makes Rockwell the best place for your virtual office?

Professional environment

What sets Rockwell apart from other neighborhoods in Makati is the fast-paced professional environment that it has. Several companies, both local and multinational, have set up business here. Reason being because of the accessibility of the area to other business districts and its proximity to residential neighborhoods. Being in the same area as other established businesses creates better professionalism for the entire district.

Premier commercial center

Rockwell features one of the most recognized malls in the country, Power Plant Mall, and Acceler8 is conveniently located right across the street. The commercial center is complete with everything you need for and after work. Being a well-known landmark in Makati CBD, most customers or clients know your business address, adding to the credibility of your business. Moreover, on the days that you need to come to the office, all these amenities in Power Plant Mall are extremely accessible and available for you to enjoy!

Affordable yet prestigious business address

Surrounded by popular landmarks and businesses, it’s commonly assumed that setting up a business in Rockwell comes at a hefty price, and it could be intimidating for businesses with not much capital to work with, especially with the recent pandemic. This is why we’ve come up with a cost-efficient way to help these businesses attain their desired office address without the need to invest in an entire office space. A virtual office plan in Rockwell gets your business a prestigious address, while also providing office space to work together and get things done when needed!

It’s the perfect solution for teams that have adapted remote work and look to continue post-pandemic! Having the coworking and meeting room hours that come with a virtual office plan gives teams a place to collaborate from time to time and a place to work when individuals need a break from working from home.

If you’re interested in signing up for your own virtual office, send us an email at connect@acceler8.ph or visit our website here for more details!

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