The Many Advantages of Having a Workspace in Ayala

So why consider getting an office in Ayala, Makati?

Finding the right location for your business doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye- it takes intensive planning and research because it’s not just about the size and the design of the office. It’s a matter of knowing which location would meet the needs of your business in all aspects and help reach its full potential. If you want to position your company for future growth, Ayala Avenue Makati is a place to be!

Ayala Avenue is located in the Makati CBD, which is regarded as one of the country’s best Central Business Districts, and as we adapt to the new normal and more companies and office workers return, Ayala Avenue and its surrounding areas seem to retain their position as one of the top viable choices for many corporations and other businesses.

Ready to build your office in Ayala? Here’s why you should be!

It gives your company a good impression for potential clients and investors.

It gives your company a good impression for potential clients and investors. Ayala Avenue is such a quintessential place in Makati City with towering buildings that houses a vast majority of established local and international companies and corporations, financial institutions, and even some up and coming start-ups. By having your business based in the city, it helps your company be desirable and more appealing to potential clients and investors

Easier to work on your network

You have probably heard the advice to surround yourself with successful people and you will be successful too. We believe the statement holds water in finding a good location for your business too. A sure fire way to set your business off to a good start is to surround it with excellent and promising people who can bring fresh ideas and perspectives you may never have considered before, and most often than not, you’ll find these people in a central business district. There is unlimited opportunity for  networking and even hiring talented and creative people for your business


Ideally, your company should be accessible with necessary amenities. Ayala Avenue is close to public transit and practically endless amenities, including shopping malls, major financial institutions, restaurants and coffee shops, hotels, supermarkets, fitness centers, and specialized healthcare and wellness facilities. These are all necessary for companies putting immense importance in the overall convenience and well-being of their team

Ayala Makati houses a growing number of hybrid coworking spaces

Setting-up an office in a central business district can be costly and some might feel out of luck, especially those who are looking at scaling up their business or even those who are building a set-up from scratch. The great news is there are a large number of flexible workspaces in the city that you might want to consider. These hybrid coworking spaces strive to make office spaces more accessible and convenient by offering cheaper options and personalized solutions to any business needs. 

Ultimately, your choice of location will have a huge impact in keeping your company in a competitive environment, and determining the success of your business. It certainly is a mammoth task and you have to understand your needs and priorities. Choosing to build your business in the middle of a central business district like Ayala Avenue and its neighboring areas can be very ideal, and planning makes it easier if you know who to talk to. 

If you’re looking for a flexible office space near Ayala Avenue Makati that will suit your business needs, Acceler8 can help you get started! Send us an email at and we would be more than happy to assist you.

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