Look Out For These Coworking Trends in 2022

Coworking spaces are coming for 2022!

The upcoming year will be a crucial year for businesses in the Philippines as we continue to try to recover as fast as possible from the effects of the global pandemic. With the rise of the importance of flexibility, coworking spaces are set to increase in both supply and demand. Here are some coworking trends to look out for in 2022!

The community continues to be a primary focal point

With the rise of flexible workspaces, entrepreneurs and organizations have a much broader selection of workspaces. Offering a comfortable workspace alone will give the edge to competitors offering the same things and more. 

Investing in community building through educational and well-being events takes flexible workspaces to another level. Coworkers’ moods are lifted when they’re surrounded by people with common interests. This opens opportunities for members of the community to build relationships and collaborate with one another. Leaving the space would also be much more difficult with all the bonds formed with fellow coworkers.

Corporate going flexible

Due to the pandemic, we’ve become accustomed to the remote work lifestyle. Moreover, given that several businesses were forced to adapt to this work arrangement, business leaders and employees have now experienced the benefits of working remotely, such as an increase in productivity and cost-cutting.

With this, more corporations should opt to move either their entire organization or a specific team to a coworking space. Flexible workspace providers can take advantage of this growing demand for office spaces by offering things in-line with or similar to: 

  • Private serviced offices
  • Long-term and short-term lease options
  • Customizable workspaces
  • Flexible offices to accommodate hybrid work

Emphasis on the health of coworkers

Those who work in flexible workspaces usually stay in the office for the majority of the day. While we look to move forward from the global pandemic, the health and safety of a workspace have become a top priority, especially in a shared office space. With this, office space providers must implement strict hygiene and safety protocols to maintain a safe working experience.

Another way to promote a healthy lifestyle to the community is through workspace furniture. Since time in the office is mostly spent sitting down in your workspace, flexible workspace providers could add standing desks and ergonomic furniture. Providers could take it even further by adding things to improve physical and mental health, such as fitness classes or an office gym.

Coworking spaces moving closer to the people

The pandemic led to the massive transition to remote working across the globe. Once employees have enjoyed the merit of no longer having to commute to the workplace, they are no longer ready to commute anymore. Many are even ready to leave their jobs if they are forced to return back to the office. 

Organizations fully understand their employees and are ready to pay for their memberships in coworking spaces located near their homes. This demand for suburban coworking spaces will surely lead to new locations launching there in 2022.  

The rise of “Hybrid Coworking Spaces”

Coworking is something most of us are familiar with, but this will expand even further in 2022. Hybrid coworking spaces could be found in hotels, stores, restaurants, and more! This is due to the fact that facility owners also want to take advantage of the opportunity to expand their businesses and find ways to earn more income. Restaurants, gyms, and event spaces could be options used as coworking spaces, depending on the time of day.

Landlords’ involvement in Coworking

In 2022, more people and organizations will draw interest towards coworking spaces. More corporate businesses will look into working in a flexible workspace, and landlords may cause an increase in competition. 

The demand for traditional office spaces has decreased, lowering rent, resulting in the transformation of properties into workspaces. This gives more reason for flexible workspace providers to differentiate themselves from others.

Think Green

A recent workspace trend that has caught the attention of several organizations and flexible workspace providers is a green and eco-friendly workspace. It’s most likely that the majority of the community supports the preservation of nature and the environment. Being in a space that is aware and has healthy practices will be much more attractive to them as it shows that their workspace cares and is making an effort to create a positive impact in society.

Don’t be afraid to start small. Recycle, minimize plastic use inside the workspace, and once you have the capability, utilize the sun, whether it be through solar-powered panels or as simple as windows to allow natural light to enter the workspace. Surrounding coworkers with life, including living plants, can also help reduce stress and anxiety, while also adding beautiful decoration to the workspace.

Innovation and diversity

How can one workspace separate itself from the rest? 2022 is the year that could totally change flexible workspaces. Coworking spaces may look to implement different technologies, such as management systems, devices, and software, to enhance the experience for both the community and the space providers. These innovations may take some time to adjust to but are well worth it in the long run.

For a coworking space to succeed in 2022, flexible workspace providers need to take risks and experiment with services, promos, and the design of the office space. We may also see diverse types of coworking models as flexible workspace providers may look into branching out through co-living. Members will now also be looking for breakaway areas where they can step away from work for a moment, whether it be through recreational activities or a simple conversation with a coworker. 

Coworking spaces have always been relevant, but the real importance of what they have to offer is very evident today. Many organizations have now learned how flexible workspaces can contribute to the growth and sustainability of businesses. Before diving into the coworking life, make sure to assess your workspace needs to find the right solution for your business.

If you’ve decided on joining a coworking space, we can help you! We’ve got different workspace solutions for different workspace needs. Just send us an email at connect@acceler8.com and we’d be more than happy to learn more about your workspace requirements and help you find the right solution for you.

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