This is Us: Saying Salamat

#ThisisUS: Saying Salamat (Thank You)

It’s been 3 amazing years since we started this journey. Time flies indeed! 

We never actually thought we’d make it this far as a flexible workspace provider and we’d like to say salamat (thanks) for staying with us through ups and downs. All we really wanted is to see our community soar high and be successful in every way. 

Every single thing that we did was all because of you. And to give you an idea without going into too much detail, here are our top 3 milestones.

1st year: Two centers and an undivided community

Acceler8 didn’t take long to branch out and it’s all really because of our clients that made a community out of our little space in Salcedo Village, Makati City. And in less than a year, we opened our second home in Legazpi Village, a neighborhood not far away from Salcedo Village and just a few steps away from the city’s famous commercial center, Greenbelt.

The coworking space was situated in the basement of 111 Paseo de Roxas building, with no windows, just walls and a bigger space built with 21 office suites, wider coworking space, and a dedicated event space. It was a big leap and seemed like filling the space up would be a long shot TBH, considering that it’s hidden in the basement. But it has its charms and we actually had a couple of successful events down there like Fête de la Musique.

Fête de la Musique 2018 Post-rock / Math Rock Stage by A Spur of the Moment Project. Photo by Lunar.
Fête de la Musique 2018 Post-rock / Math Rock Stage by A Spur of the Moment Project. Photo by Lunar.

2nd Year: Making friends with Ayala Land Offices

It wasn’t that easy to say “Hey, what’s up?”  and make friends with the country’s biggest real estate corporation. We had a rare opportunity to manage Ayala Land Offices’ first coworking space, Clock-In. And, apparently, we’re also the first workspace provider in the Philippines that fiercely tied up with a conglomerate.

Talking about being fierce, we actually did good! We reached 100% occupancy rate in just 2 months—closing private office suites and coworking seat deals in a flash. 

Clock-In by Ayala Land
Clock-In by Ayala Land

3rd Year:  Going global with UnionSPACE

Our community’s growth is something that we really, really value ever since and for us that also means going beyond. Acceler8 consolidated its brand with UnionSPACE, a coworking/co-living space provider in Southeast Asia with over 10 locations across the region. UnionSPACE also went beyond by closing investment deals with some distinguished startup investors namely Kejora Ventures and Gan Konsulido that’s also behind Investree, Pawoon, Qareer, and —that recently invested a whopping $100 million to Southeast Asian businesses.

Because of this all Acceler8 by UnionSPACE members can now access these centers in Southeast Asia, connecting them with the right network and prospect business partners globally. 

So you might be wondering how we made it this far…

To put it simply, there’s no secret recipe on growing a dynamic community. We’re naturally enthusiastic to bond and to support each other whether that be work related or heartaches. 

A photo of the previous Acceler8 Finman Community
A photo of the previous Acceler8 Finman Community

So again, salamat for staying with us! 

Cheers to many years and cold beers! And speaking of beer, feel free to join us on Happy Hour every Wednesday! Beer is on us!



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