A Guide to Finding the Perfect Office Space For Your Team

Finding an office space isn’t merely a logistical task; it is a thorough decision making process that can make or break your team’s potential to accomplish a task successfully and lead your business to success.  Here is a complete guide in uncovering the perfect place for your team:

Establish the geographical focus of your search 

The location of your business plays a huge role in making your employees productive. However, situations arise that make the place a bit hectic in terms of maintaining the work-life balance employees are seeking. One problem of the majority of workers is the hours and energy wasted in long commutes. Waze, which is a known navigation drive, hailed Metro Manila as one of the cities in the world with the worst traffic situation, and a study conducted last 2017 by Boston Consulting Group found that a commuter takes at least 66 minutes to reach their destination, being the third longest commute time in Asia. The idea of sacrificing sleep hours to reach their offices has affected both the physical and mental health of workers, thus having an office that will reduce such hassle would benefit them greatly. 

Fortunately, Acceler8 is located in business districts of Makati, with branches expanding from Rockwell to Legazpi Village. You may avail plans like serviced office, virtual office, or coworking plans that cater to any working setup your business has, may it be a face-to-face one, hybrid, or total work from home.

Make a selection from office options

Office plans are the new trend for business spaces, and it is for a valuable reason. The vast option of plans can provide you and your team a chance to look into what you really need to establish in an office environment where you will grow. With Acceler8, you get to choose from 4 distinct office plans: a serviced office for closed-door space for your whole team, virtual office for your work from home setup, dedicated desks for tending to your individual employee’s space, and a coworking plan for a more affordable choice. 

Assess your needs in terms of workstations, budget, and rate flexibility

Things such as number of workstations, budget allotment, and rate flexibility are some of the important details you pay attention to when acquiring an office space. Factoring the number of employees, might not be enough, hence, consider the possibility as well of having new recruits for your business and allot a space for them.

Acceler8’s amenities come with affordable and flexible rates. With signing for plans like coworking or serviced office, you get to use facilities like meeting rooms, phone booths, and even the pantry, along with inclusions of free flowing water, coffee, and tea, printing, scanning and photocopying services, and a passport access to all our branches here in Metro Manila and worldwide. See more of our amenities and inclusions here.

Review and weigh offers

To further measure the right office for your team, it is now time to compare the available options. Here are some things that might be valuable in your decision making phase:

Leases. Traditional office space often requires long-term leases, typically lasting for several years. This lack of flexibility can be a financial burden for startups and small businesses. At Acceler8, you can rent office suites for short periods, such as a few months, rather than committing to long-term leases.

Networking and Community. In a normal setup, while interactions with neighboring businesses are possible, it may not actively foster a sense of community. That’s one good advantage Acceler8 provides, as we offer opportunities for networking and collaboration through a community of professionals who share the space. 

Scalability. Acceler8’s office space leases allow for easy scalability where you can expand or reduce the size of your office suite as your business needs change. This is one important thing to consider as you move further with your business.

Other trivial matters such as décor, operating hours, and security can also play a role in your thought process of acquiring an environment that will enhance your team’s productivity.

Finding the perfect office space for your employees can be a challenging task, but with the right approach and a bit of effort, you can create a workspace that boosts productivity and job satisfaction. Remember, it’s not just about four walls and a roof; it’s about creating an environment where your employees thrive. 

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