Coworking Spaces And The Evolving Startup Culture

Coworking culture has clearly changed the way people work. From being cool & modern, it became more scalable for young and growing companies. These spaces not only provide a work-conducive atmosphere but also opportunities for these companies to expand both locally and globally.

Carlo Coronel, co-founder of Acceler8 said that his team focuses on building relationships and opportunities amongst their members.

”I think those are the most important elements of a shared workspace, especially for young companies since it’s hard to start from the ground up.”  

We’ve gathered some of the reasons why businesses are moving to coworking spaces.

A Healthy Ecosystem

It’s amazing how coworking spaces have changed the way businesses interact with each other. In Manila, an 800 sqm. workspace can house up to 100 companies from different industries. And what are the odds of bumping into one of your competitors? That’s when these flexible workspaces come in – and suggest “Hey, you guys might want to create an event about content marketing together and invite our community.”

The provider’s goal is to create a worry-free ecosystem with collaboration opportunities and view your coworkers/co-members as friends rather than adversaries. Thus, creating a healthy and functional ecosystem of like-minded individuals geared towards the same goal—to boost each other up regardless of what profession or industry they belong to.  Additionally, to further enhance the community, some coworking spaces have been launching initiatives such as building a hub for Fintech companies or participating in accelerator programs.

Technology Driven Members

If you ever come across someone from a coworking space, you’ll notice how reliant they are to technology. In fact, coworking spaces develop their own apps to make their facilities more accessible to their clients from meeting room bookings to community updates. It attracts technology-driven businesses that want to get things done efficiently.

Impactful Community Events

Nowadays, companies are more concerned with their employees’ overall wellness, so they expect more than just unlimited coffee and tea. Coworking spaces have numerous ways to break the ice by organizing events contributing to their members’ growth and well-being.

From free massages, community breakfasts, movie marathons, wine nights, to spinning classes, name it!  They’ll do anything to make their coworkers feel like Kings & Queens and make sure they clock out of the office smiling.  

Wider Networking Opportunities

You’ll be amazed to find out how diverse your coworking community is when you see unfamiliar faces coming in and out of the door! If you frequently go on business trips, you should definitely consider a coworking space with regional passport access especially for those who are looking for business partners in their new ventures.

Cost Effective Private Office Spaces

The flexibility and scalability of these workspaces have been enabling startups and SMEs to reduce capital and operational expenditure by providing everything they need like basic office equipment, utilities, business centers, modern amenities, concierge, community events, membership perks like discounts and passport access.

“When we started, our main goal was to provide office spaces to startups that don’t have the capital to rent out bigger spaces. The rates of our fully-furnished office suites, for example, are all ready for occupancy which already includes utilities, WiFi and basic office equipment allowing these companies to reduce their CAPEX and help them focus on growing their businesses,” Mikko Barranda, Co-founder of Acceler8 said.

To summarize, it’s all about exceeding the clients’ expectations and getting more for what they pay for. A successful coworking space is all about staying true to its brand promise while identifying the clients’ needs and delivering top-notch services. That’s what makes a flexible workspace brand standout.

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