You Won’t Go Hungry in Jakarta

When in Indonesia, you will never go hungry for it is really famous for its cuisine. You can always find food stalls or hawkers or restaurants with delicious food, but there are just too many of those in Jakarta. To make eating through the city a breeze, here are some recommendations to help you pick the best restaurants in Jakarta.

Dapur Solo

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Dapur Solo has been around serving Indonesian signature dishes since 1988. Starting out with just a stall in the owner’s garage, this restaurant now has 10 branches in Jakarta. When in Dapur Solo, be sure to try their best dishes from the menu such as nasi liwet, garang asem, ketoprak, gado-gado and many more.

Bunga Rampai

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Enjoy Indonesian cuisine in fine dining style in Bunga Rampai. This restaurant was built in the newly renovated Dutch house in Menteng area with the colonial architectural style of the early 20th century. Some of the best in the menu that you should definitely try are tum ayam, kembang pacar and nasi bali. You should also check out the lounge area at the rooftop.

Bandar Djakarta

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This is where all seafood lovers in Jakarta go to when they want to enjoy fresh seafood cooked with Indonesian recipes. Bandar Djakarta takes the concept of a fish market where you can pick your preferred fish and shellfish at the counter yourself and choose the way your seafood will be cooked from the menu. When choosing the seasoning of your seafood, try their best, the Padang sauce. Bandar Djakarta is an outdoor restaurant so you can enjoy your seafood in the crisp of Jakarta night near the sea.

Dapur Sunda

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The Best Indonesian Restaurant Award that they won in 2010 says a lot about their food. As one of the pioneers of Sundanese restaurants, Dapur Sunda is the go-to place when people want to enjoy Sundanese cuisines such as sup buntut, mie kocok and sayur asem. What makes their food authentic is that all their recipes came from their own kitchen, developed by the owner’s wife herself. Their must-try dish is the flying gurame, crispy fried fish that you can eat to its fin, served with Sundanese chili sauce.

You can be sure that you and your friends will always find something good to eat in Jakarta. From local food, Western to European food, Jakarta is the place for all the foodies who won’t have to worry about being hungry. Lucky for you, UnionSPACE centers are also surrounded by famous restaurants in Jakarta. You can head to our website to check out our locations.

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