List Of COVID-19 Testing Centers in Metro Manila

While we all continue to adapt to the new normal, the COVID-19 virus is still spreading. With this current pandemic and the increasing number of cases, it is important to have proper safety practices. More people are also back to their work day routines which means more interactions with other coworkers. Whenever you need to go to places outside your home, make sure to wear your protective gear and practice social distancing at all times.

To bounce back from this crisis, it is key for us to flatten the curve. Having to work in the new normal exposes you to the risk of catching the virus which is why you must always be aware of your surroundings. If you need to get tested, it is important to know the closest medical center to your home. Getting exposed to a positive case, whether or not it was close contact, would already require you to monitor yourself for any symptoms. 

Here’s a list of licensed COVID-19 testing centers in Metro Manila:

CityHospital NameType of TestingContact number
Bonifacio Global CitySt. Luke’s Medical Center – BGC (HB)Cartridge –  based PCR, RT PCR(02) 8789-7700
Caloocan CityDr. Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital and Sanitarium (GeneXpert))Cartridge –  based PCR(02) 8294-2571 (02) 8294-2572  (02) 8294-2573
Caloocan CityDr. Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital and Sanitarium (TALA)RT PCR(02) 8294 2571
Las Pinas CityUniversity of Perpetual Help System DaltaRT PCR(02) 8874 8515

Makati City
Healthway GreenbeltRT PCR+63 917 629 8564+63 920 969 4929
Makati CityMakati Medical Center (HB)RT PCR(02) 8888-8999
Makati CitySingapore Diagnostic, Inc.RT PCR(02) 8845-0655  (0917) 566-4137
Makati CityTropical Disease Foundation. Inc.RT PCR(02) 8894-0741 (02)8894-0743
Mandaluyong CityDetoxicare Molecular Diagnostics LaboratoryRT PCR(02) 8256-4681
Mandaluyong CityPhilippine Red Cross – National Blood CenterRT PCR(02) 8790-2300 Loc 931, 932, 935
Mandaluyong CityPhilippine Red Cross Logistics and Multipurpose CenterRT PCR(02) 8790-2300
Mandaluyong CitySafeguard DNA Diagnostic, Inc.RT PCR – P3,300+63 999 318 0728
Mandaluyong CityHealth Delivery Systems, Inc.RT PCR(02) 8715 0803
City of ManilaChinese General HospitalRT PCR(02) 8711-4141
City of ManilaPhilippine Red Cross – Port AreaRT PCR(02) 8527-0861
City of ManilaSan Lazaro HospitalRT PCR(02) 8732-3778(02) 8732-3776 (02) 8732-3174(02) 8732-3138 (02) 8732-3179 (02) 8732-3107
City of ManilaUniversity of the Philippines National Institutes of Health (UP NIH)RT PCR(02) 8526-4349(02) 8526-4266
City of ManilaUniversity of the Philippines UP-PGH-MRL (NHB)RT PCR(02) 8554-8400 Loc 3232
City of ManilaTondo Medical Center (GeneXpert)Cartridge –  based PCR(02) 8865-9000
City of ManilaSta. Ana Hospital – Closed System Molecular LaboratoryCartridge –  based PCR(02) 8516 6790

Marikina City

Amang Rodriguez Memorial Center

Cartridge –  based PCR

(02) 8941-5854
Muntinlupa City Asian Hospital and Medical CenterRT PCR(02) 8771-9000
Muntinlupa City Research Institute for Tropical Medicine, Inc. (RITM)RT PCR(02) 8807-2631(02) 8807-2632(02) 8807-2637
Pasig CityThe Medical City – OrtigasRT PCR(02) 8988-1000;(02) 8988-7000
Quezon CityLung Center of the PhilippinesRT PCR(02) 8924-6101
Quezon CityLung Center of the Philippines (GeneXpert)Cartridge –  based PCR(02) 8924-6101
Quezon CityPhilippine Genome Center UP-Diliman (NHB)RT PCR(02) 8981-8500 Loc 4713
Quezon CitySt. Luke’s Medical Center- QCRT PCR(02) 8723-0101
Quezon CityNational Kidney and Transplant Institute Cartridge –  based PCR(02) 8981-0300(02) 8981-0400
Quezon CityNational Kidney and Transplant Institute RT PCR(02) 8526-4349(02) 8526-4266
Quezon CityPhilippine National Police Crime Laboratory RT PCR(02) 3414 3334
Quezon CityHi-Precision RT PCR(02) 8741-7777
Quezon CityFe Del Mundo Medical CenterRT PCR(02) 8712 0845+63 917 806 4271
Quezon CityVeteran Memorial Medical CenterRT PCR(02) 8927 6426

Quezon City

Philippine Heart Center

Cartridge –  based PCR
 (02) 8925 2401
Quezon CityDe Los Santos Medical CenterRT PCR(02) 8893 5762
Quezon CityVictoriano Luna Medical Center – (AFIRMS)RT PCR(02) 8246 2111
Quezon CityPhilippine Children’s Medical CenterRT PCR(02) 8588 9900

The rates for these tests would range from P4,000 to P13,000, depending on their turnaround time for results. Do not hesitate to reach out to the closest medical center to inquire about more details for testing if you believe it is needed. Some require this to be scheduled to control the crowd and practice social distancing. The medical staff could also address any further questions you may have regarding COVID-19. 

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