In Case You Forgot, Social Distancing Still Works

As we all work towards our goals for 2021, we shouldn’t forget the importance of safety practices while the virus is still contagious. As of January 24, 2021, the Philippines had already reported 16 new COVID-19 cases of a different variant. This proves to be an unfortunate reminder that we are all still living with the pandemic and we must take necessary precautions at all times.

While we all slowly return to the office, people might have become complacent and forgot the different safety practices we need to do to flatten the curve. These safety protocols have even more importance now with the new COVID variant. Not only could these practices protect yourself, but it could also protect the people around you. Whether you’re coworking or in your own serviced office, it is inevitable to run into someone every now and then.  This is why there is a lot of emphasis on practicing proper social distancing. 

What is social distancing?

Social distancing has proven to be an effective way to reduce the spread of the virus. Social distancing means keeping a safe space between you and other people who are not from your household. To practice proper social distancing, it is ideal to remain six feet apart from coworkers. Being aware and safe could help boost your productivity in the office by further enforcing that peace of mind.

There are many different ways to practice proper social distancing at work. Here are a few things to remember when you’re required to go to the office!

Check your own health

Being aware of your own health is one of the best ways to help flatten the curve of COVID-19. Start your days by observing how you feel before going to work. If you’re feeling unwell, it is best that you stay home until further notice. Don’t just shake it off because you might just put your coworkers in danger of catching the virus by spending a day with each other in the same serviced office.

Take the stairs

Especially at peak times of the day, avoid taking the elevator. This is a small space that often gets crowded. Instead, leave it for those that need to use it and take the stairs. Taking the stairs would not only decongest the elevators and lines at the lobby, but it is also a step to a more active and healthier lifestyle!

Stay away from busy areas

Know the spots in your office that are often occupied by several coworkers, such as the pantry. Do your best to avoid these areas throughout the day. If there’s no way around it, observe the time that there are the least number of people. For lunches, it would be safest to come with a packed lunch and eat in your own serviced office or workspace. 

Avoid physically sharing with coworkers

Keep your items to yourself and try to avoid borrowing any office supplies Instead, come to the office ready with your own supplies! Bring to work your own materials such as ball pens and staplers. If you need to share a document with a coworker, you could just send these online even if you are in the same serviced office. This reduces risk and waste! Have your own e-signature ready as well so that there would be no need to print documents for signing.

Create a shifting schedule

If your serviced office is too small to support proper social distancing for your whole team, schedule shifts for the team to reduce the crowd in the office. While some are in the office, others can work remotely. Reducing the crowd in the office would help provide enough room to accommodate proper social distancing. 

Meet with video calls

The use of video conferencing tools have drastically increased over the past months. Even with people returning to the office, online meetings will remain an important tool for communication, both internally and externally. Though some meetings are best done face to face, a video call will remain the safest way to conduct meetings as it eliminates the risk of being in contact with others.

It is understood that businesses need to operate, but we must always keep the best health practices in mind. Now that we are returning to our respective offices, we must always be aware of our surroundings and our actions to be able to keep ourselves healthy. This virus has left a huge impact on everyone’s lives and we should do our part to put an end to the spread.

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