UnionSPACE Grand Launch

Off we go to Southeast Asia: Acceler8 joins up with UnionSPACE!

Can you believe that it’s been almost 3 years since we launched our first coworking space?

What began as a small and happy coworking community gradually grew into something we never saw coming—a synergy established by our community thus leading us to our campaign called Creating Real Connections. Through our community, the campaign resonated in social media, new networks and media that gave us the idea to expand real quick.

TBH (to be honest), we’ve had a lot of great firsts last year and one of them was sealing a partnership deal with one of the country’s biggest conglomerates, Ayala Land Inc. managing their coworking space Clock-In. “We’ve been contracted by Ayala to manage the facility, so we treat the facility like it’s our own. We provide trainings to the staff, share resources. We also do sales and marketing,” says Mikko Barranda, Co-founder of Acceler8 Coworking.

In the same year, we took another leap and by that, we mean expanding across Southeast Asia. Yes, Acceler8 consolidated its brand with a coworking space in Indonesia founded by one of our co-founders, Albert Goh—and because of that our members can now access all UnionSPACE centers in over 10 locations within the southeast Asia region.


A8 Team in UnionSPACE Indonesia
A8 Team in UnionSPACE Indonesia

So how exactly did we make it? 

UnionSPACE attracted some distinguished startup investors like Kejora Ventures and Gan Konsulido that’s also behind Investree, Pawoon, Qareer and Cejaka.com and recently invested a whopping $100 million to Southeast Asian businesses.

FYI, Gan Konsulido is currently overseeing and administrating the Plug & Play Accelerator Program from Silicon Valley who is also appointed by President Joko Widodo during his last visit to the United States. how cool is that, right?!

Anyway, this is just a glimpse of what really went on last year and the past few months! So tune in, we’ll definitely keep you posted about our space and our community.



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