Office Spaces in Makati You Should Consider Getting For Your Team

The future is flex and now is the time to take a good look at how a flexible workspace can boost your business in the long run!

With all the changes happening in our world today, the way we work changes along with it. We’ve been dealing with a lot of unexpected events and it has emphasized the need to think ahead. This is why several businesses are reevaluating their real estate strategies. With traditional offices usually being a long-term commitment, more and more companies are beginning to look into flexible workspaces and serviced offices as a solution.

A serviced office in Acceler8 is a fully equipped and flexible private office designed to suit your business’ preferred work atmosphere, and even comes with access to our coworking spaces and conference rooms. Our serviced offices can cater to teams of different sizes while having the option to upsize or downsize at any time. 

The way we work is changing and flexibility in a company’s workspace is trending towards becoming a new normal priority. Learning from the ever-changing conditions and unexpected challenges, flexibility will allow businesses to adapt to different situations. This is where flexibility in lease terms plays a big role. Having the option to commit short or long-term allows companies to have flexibility in planning out their real estate strategy. This is how businesses can easily upsize or downsize if needed. Moreover, with the provided furniture and utilities, moving in or out of a serviced office is as easy as one-two-three!

Acceler8 provides a productive and safe working environment for all tenants. Businesses could forget their worries about cleaning and disinfecting offices as we handle it for everyone! With this, we’ve also strictly implemented necessary rules for both Legazpi and Rockwell that our community follows when in the office. Not only can we help with new normal protocols, but our team can also assist with daily tasks such as acting as your company’s receptionist when you have deliveries or visitors. Being in an ideal environment surrounded by other motivated teams and individuals can help with the focus and productivity of your own team.

All our centers are conveniently located in Makati City and we currently have available serviced offices in Rockwell and Legazpi. Here are some details of just a few serviced offices that are readily available for lease listed in order of their capacity:

Acceler8 Legazpi SuiteCapacitySize
Suite 43 pax13.41 sqm
Suite 76 pax16.33 sqm
Suite 207 pax21.46 sqm
Executive / Suite 19 pax32.30 sqm
Event Hall40 pax100 sqm
Acceler8 Rockwell SuiteCapacitySize
Suite 54 pax13.3 sqm
Suite 235 pax16.5 sqm
Suite 176 pax17.6 sqm
Suite 249 pax29.7 sqm
Suite 69 pax30.6 sqm

Having a serviced office in Acceler8 doesn’t only give you a safe and productive space to work, but they also come with the following inclusions:

  • Use of business address
  • Office tables, chairs, and lockable mobile pedestals
  • Local phone number and handset
  • 15 hours of meeting room use per month
  • Free-flowing coffee, tea, and water
  • Free printing, scanning & photocopying services
  • Free local calls
  • Passport access to all Acceler8, UnionSPACE, and vOffice centers
  • Perks and discounts from partner establishments

If you’re looking for a serviced office, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a small startup looking for a safe space to work and ramp up operations or a corporation looking to decentralize your main office, a serviced office could help boost your business. Send us your inquiries at and we’d be more than happy to further understand your workspace requirements!

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