Organizing A Webinar Soon?

What happened to all the events?

Due to the pandemic, several businesses had to pivot their operations and communications strategy. This includes those that heavily rely on conducting events. Events are used to gather people together in a certain space which is now unsafe to do. Thanks to technology, these events now have the tools to be held online! 

Some of these online events are called webinars. Webinars have become the new trend for businesses in the new normal to reach their audience. This is a cost-effective and accessible way to market your company. Depending on your goals, these could generate leads and enhance your brand awareness. 

Here are 8 tips on how to organize your own webinar:

Narrow down your ideas

Choose a topic that interests your audience. Pinpoint a specific idea that could still be broken down. Covering a specific topic in detail would be more useful to your audience rather than having a general topic. 

Know your webinar platform

Research on the platform that you will be using to record or stream your webinar. Your requirements should fit the platform. Try out different platforms before finalizing which one you want to use. Be sure that this is easily accessible to both your audience and your team. 

Make an engaging landing page

This is the page that your audience would refer to for what they need to know about the webinar. Make sure to include all the details that they need to know – topic, lineup of speakers,  time of the event, and how people can register to attend. Keep it engaging by posting teasers and reminders about the webinar. 

Prep your space

Find an area, preferably a quiet room, where you can set up for the filming of the webinar. Choose a spot to set up with good lighting and a clean background. You want to avoid any possible distractions for anyone, especially the attendees. 

Market your webinar in advance

Just because you have a great topic, doesn’t mean that people will know of your session right away. Always market your webinar ahead of time. You can promote the webinar via email, social media, or other means that your business uses to reach your audience. This is a key step to be able to increase the number of attendees.

Check your equipment

The last thing you want during a webinar is any technical difficulties. Use quality cameras for a clear image and  have the speakers use headsets with microphones so that they are clearly understood by the audience. Your internet connection should also be stable to avoid any disconnections during the webinar. Using the right equipment will only increase the quality of your webinar. 

Follow up on your attendees

Don’t be afraid to send a reminder to the attendees. If your webinar is not open to the public, make sure you have a registration link for those interested to attend. This way you could collect their contact details and get in touch with them directly. 

When the webinar is over, the job’s not done.

Once the webinar is finished, don’t forget to evaluate how everything went. Set your goals before the webinar and revisit them to see if you checked all the boxes. From this, you will be able to learn how to avoid any problem you encountered. This is an important step to make your next webinar even better.

If you have the time, host a trial run before the day of the event. Follow these steps and your webinars will surely be a success! You could also offer a recording of the webinar to the attendees so they could access the webinar on demand.

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