Acceler8’s 2021 in Hindsight

Though the year hasn’t been as eventful for the Acceler8 community as it used to be, we still have a lot of things to be grateful for that has happened in 2021.

2021 has been a rollercoaster of a year. Restrictions have been constantly changing and with COVID-19 still looming, it’s no surprise that several businesses are still found trying to plan out how to adjust to the new normal. Despite having the odds stacked against us, we’ve decided to look at the bright side and remind ourselves of our accomplishments in 2021!

APAC Business Awards 2021: Best Flexible Workspace Community in the Philippines

We’re extremely humbled and honoured to have received the ‘Best Flexible Workspace Community in the Philippines’ award from APAC insider! We’ve always taken pride in our community,  and despite the challenges of COVID-19, this award goes to show how dedicated we are to creating an active and lively community. It also portrays the importance of each member in our community! We wouldn’t be here today without you and we’re always grateful for our community.

Supporting Businesses with Bounce Back Promos

As we reach the close of the second year affected by the pandemic, we’re always finding ways on how Acceler8 and our team can help the community bounce back. With this, we decided to relaunch our Bounce Back Promo to help any community member still struggling to cope with the effects of the global pandemic. Are you also looking for a new workspace solution to help your business bounce back? Check out our different workspace solutions that cater to different workspace needs here! You just might find a new workspace for 2022. 

Acceler8 team’s adoption of ‘Hybrid work’

With the constant changes in restrictions for business operations, our team adopted the latest work trend – Hybrid work. This was applied to lessen the foot traffic inside the coworking space and provide a safer working environment for our coworkers. Though initial adoption was difficult, it has become an efficient option for work set up. It was only a matter of time and practice before getting used to people working from different locations, and is definitely something more organizations should look at moving forward!

Our awesome community!

We can only go as far as our community takes us! It’s safe to say that we wouldn’t still be here without the help of our community. Before the year ends, we’d like to thank each and every one of you for being a part of our journey. And to those we have yet to meet in 2022, we can’t wait! 

As we look forward to a fresh start this 2022, don’t forget to bring the lessons that you’ve learned in 2021 to hit the ground running. This will only help our preparation and mindset in taking control of the new year! 

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