Why ‘Time’ is the Best Gift You Can Give This Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, last-minute shopping should start right about now. But before you do so, think long and hard about what you will be giving away this Christmas.

Being isolated from the outside world for almost two years now has made us all question if there’s an end in sight. The pandemic not only made isolation difficult to cope with, but it has also made money a little bit tighter for everyone, making shopping for presents this year different from every other. This calls us to get very creative in coming up with presents to give away because we want to show our peers that even in spite of the isolation, they still mean a lot to us.

We can all agree that time is extremely valuable nowadays, whether it be with loved ones or time spent working on yourself, and this could be your way to show your appreciation for those that have stuck by your side through thick or thin. Here are a few ideas on how to give your time this Christmas!

Prepare a gift with your own two hands.

Something commonly given to loved ones and coworkers during the holiday season is food, from home-cooked meals to handmade goodies. This year, with all the time spent at home due to the pandemic, why not create something to give yourself? You can cook them a meal, or find the perfect arts and crafts gift to work on yourself! Not only will you be giving something made by yourself, but you also get to save on expensive gifts while working on your skills as well!

Host a charitable event.

We’ve all been greatly affected by the pandemic, constantly adapting to different restrictions, there are others that don’t have the capability to bounce back as quickly as we can. This holiday season, why not choose to share what we have to those less fortunate? Organize a short donation drive or charity event along with your peers to make it an enjoyable and humbling experience.

Spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Isolation has caused its toll on each and every one of us. The lockdown really tested our mental strength, and a part of this would be the bonds we’ve created with others. As humans, we naturally look for human interaction, which was completely taken away during the peak of the global pandemic. Now that we’re slowly learning to live in the new normal, we can find a way to do fun activities, like spend a day bowling, or even a simple house visit would help brighten up this Christmas Season! Just make sure to continue practicing proper safety protocols.

Don’t forget about yourself!

Don’t forget to invest in yourself as well. Whether it be time spent to recharge from all that’s happened the past year or to learn a new skill, there are many ways to work on yourself this holiday season! With the digital age in full effect, you can find many classes or seminars online focused on self-development, some even free of charge. As we look to show our appreciation to others, we shouldn’t forget that we ourselves are our biggest investment and should give a gift to ourselves as well!

Giving your time and effort shows how much your peers mean to you, which is the true spirit of Christmas. It is not the gift that is important, but the meaning and effort behind it. Let’s make the most out of this Christmas and use this holiday season to reconnect with one another.

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