Looking Back At 2020

We’ve finally reached the end of 2020.

For the most of it, we were stuck at home facing a global pandemic. And as we were approaching the end of the year, we were hit by two of the strongest typhoons in a span of just two weeks.

Despite all the setbacks, here we are about to celebrate the new year.

As we move on to 2021, let’s end one of the most difficult years on a high note. Take a moment to step back from all the troubles, and reflect on the good things that happened and the lessons learned from this past year. Through the struggle, we made it here today and there’s nowhere to go but up. And as we look back on our year, there are a few highlights for Acceler8 that we want to share our gratitude for.

Acceler8 Bounce Back

To help those businesses struggling due to the pandemic, Acceler8 released a Bounce Back initiative. Our initiative offers discounted rates as we all try to recover from the COVID crisis. We’re grateful to have created a way that could help our community financially as most businesses went into survival mode. To learn more about our Bounce Back initiative, send us an email at connect@acceler8.ph and we’d be happy to share more details with you!

Online Learning Sessions

Amidst the pandemic, we wanted to create a way to stay connected with our community. With the help of our partners and community members, we started hosting our own online learning sessions. With this, we were able to share insightful and relevant information while providing a platform for our members to showcase their expertise. Check out all our learning sessions on the Acceler8 Facebook page here!

Workspace Upgrades

A few months into the lockdown, we were lucky enough to have been able to reopen our centers for our community! But we didn’t just reopen Acceler8 without a plan to ensure the safest experience for our clients. There were upgrades Acceler8 made to the workspace that support the best practices for a safe and productive working environment. See all the upgrades we made to our offices here!

Giving Back To Those In Need

This year was a rough one for Filipinos. As we sit in our homes grateful for the roof over our heads, we must not forget those that were heavily affected by the pandemic and the typhoons. We wanted to contribute to the solution so Acceler8 started two donation drives to help those communities struggling to recover. In partnership with Lingap Maralita, the first donation drive was to support local farmers and provide food for urban poor communities. Our second and current donation drive is, in partnership with PHINMA Foundation, for the rehabilitation of communities and houses in Catanduanes and Albay damaged by typhoons Ulysses and Rolly. If you also want to lend a helping hand to the communities that were heavily affected by the recent typhoons, check out our list of organizations accepting donations here

Acceler8 Community

Last but definitely not least, the Acceler8 community. Our community’s continued support has helped us survive this pandemic. We’re also grateful to have been able to welcome new members to our growing community like The Huddle Room! While staying at home may be best for most of us now, we can’t wait for the day that we see everyone in person again and create more memories together!

Here’s a toast to a year filled with challenges but also lessons and small victories. Being present today is an accomplishment in itself. Though we are still surrounded by uncertainty, it is important for us to remain hopeful and motivated. As we start fresh this 2021, let’s approach the new year with positivity and motivation to make the best one yet!

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