Creating The Perfect Workstation At Home

This pandemic has not only changed how we work, but also where we work. With most offices closed for safety reasons, businesses now operate with employees working from their own homes. Gone are the days of going through the usual commute and traffic – well, for now at least. 

Now that we spend our days working at home, we should put some effort into creating our new “office”. It would be great to have a dedicated area for work to create an environment that is professional. A place where it would be easier to keep your focus on the task in front of you. This would allow you to create a whole new daily routine so that you know when your mindset should be on work mode.

It is important to have a workspace that you are comfortable and productive in. Here are 8 tips to help decorate your office at home:

Know where to set up your office

Know which area would help you focus on work during office hours. It would be ideal to isolate this from your things of relaxation such as your TV. You wouldn’t want to be distracted by your family members watching The Avengers.

Maximize your space

Organization is key. Be organized with your files to keep your workspace clean. Have a desk that could fit everything you need to avoid clutter. If you have a whole room to yourself, feel free to be creative with the use of the vertical space with arts and shelves.

Cut cord clutter

With all the technology needed nowadays, there are several wires around us when working and it looks like a mess. Try your best to minimize the cord clutter by keeping all wires together and hidden if possible.

Bring the outdoors in

Bring some life into your office so that the time spent working there wouldn’t be so dragging. Choose an area with lots of natural light during the day time. Low maintenance plants and wooden floors could be an option as well to help you remain calm and one with nature.

The right desk and chair

Choosing a desk and a chair for your home office is essential. Your desk should be wide enough to fit your computer and anything else that is necessary for your daily tasks. Invest in a good ergonomic office chair if you believe that this set up would take a while. Your posture is important to your health.

Make it cozy – but not too much

This is your place of work, not a napping area. You should be able to sit comfortably in the space for longer durations while not being too comfortable resulting in naps and boredom. 

Keep notes

Keep a notebook or planner on your desk to remember important dates or notes throughout the day. Your writing materials could be placed in a pen holder to keep them within reach while keeping the desk tidy.


Don’t hesitate in making your office look like your own! This will be the space where you will spend most of your days so it is important that you feel at home as well. Add pieces that could contribute to your creativity.

Decorating a home office can take time, but given the circumstances today, it’s worth investing in! This would not only benefit you now, but also way down the road. 

You could further increase your productivity and efficiency by following a new daily routine. Start and end work-related tasks at the same time. Prioritize the important tasks in the morning. Don’t forget to relax and unwind after work by separating yourself from your home office.

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